Venezuela is home to one of the most devastating crises. 

9 in 10 Venezuelans are hungry.

Most of the country is living below the poverty line. There’s no clean water, no medicine, no fuel, or power.

Because fuel is so scarce in Venezuela, we distribute food by wheelbarrow and foot. We will not give up on our friends. Join us in delivering food packs to Venezuelan families.

$40 provides a food pack each month with: 

  • Cornflower and wheat flower
  • Rice and oils
  • Canned tuna and sardines
  • Powdered milk, grains, eggs, and sugar

Fill a pantry for a Venezuelan family.

For the next four weeks, we’ll be highlighting the urgent needs at these in-between spaces—the border between Venezuela and Colombia, the southern Mexico border, and the US-Mexico border. Learn about other ways to help in in-between spaces.


Moms and kids are fleeing Venezuela by the hundreds everyday with nothing but the clothes on their back. Give a hygiene kit and protect families from disease.