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Our Aleppo feeding center is serving hot meals for 25,000 to 30,000 people per day. Our current funding runs through the end of May. But thousands of Syrians are still coming to us for help. We cannot turn away

Help maintain our Aleppo feeding center through the hot summer months—and give families what they need to survive

$25 can feed a family for a month.
$250 can feed 10 families for a month.
$1,500 can help a family return home.

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Additional donations beyond the cost of emergency aid for our Syria response will be used where needed most.

Syria Updates

May 25

Funding for the Aleppo feeding center runs through the end of this month—but up to 30,000 displaced and vulnerable people still rely on us as their main or only source of food. Help us keep the feeding center going through the hot summer months. Read more…

May 19

Another 1,200 refugees arrived at our feeding center near Aleppo this past week. The center is providing approximately 600,000 hot meals every month.

May 13

As some families return to Aleppo, you’re providing supplies and workers to repair 53 homes on the eastern side of the city. This is just one of the responses you’ve made possible in Syria in recent weeks. Read more…

May 5

Over 3,000 Syrians, including children, have been trained on how to recognize and protect themselves in the event of another chemical attack, like the one that killed approximately 100 people last month. Read more…

April 28

Over the last four months, you’ve provided daily hot meals for thousands outside Aleppo, provided winterized sleeping bags for those forced to sleep out in the open, distributed food packages to those who can’t safely reach our feeding center, provided aid in villages east of Aleppo as their liberated from ISIS control, and responded to the recent chemical attack. Take a closer look at how we respond in Syria. Read more…

April 18

Over the last four months, you’ve provided daily hot meals for thousands outside Aleppo, provided winterized sleeping bags for those forced to sleep out in the open, distributed food packages to those who can’t safely reach our feeding center, provided aid in villages east of Aleppo as their liberated from ISIS control, and responded to the recent chemical attack. Take a closer look at how we respond in Syria. Read more…

April 5

We’re working with our friends on the ground to launch a holistic, long-term response to yesterday’s chemical attack in Syria—providing food to sustain families while they recover from injuries and cope with displacement, hygiene supplies to safely decontaminate their homes, and educational materials to help families protect themselves from future attacks. Read more…

April 4

Dozens of civilians were killed in a chemical attack in Syria today. Reports from the attack site describe hundreds of people passing out and going into convulsions. Many of the victims reportedly suffocated to death. We’re responding—stay tuned for updates. Read more…

March 23

Next week, we begin some of the very first home renovations in Aleppo. Our assessment team has already been inside the city, identifying the need and making preparations. We’ll repair walls, replace doors and windows, and fix toilets—so each family has at least one safe, secure room in which to stay as they continue the process of rebuilding.

March 15

Today marks six years since Syria’s civil war began. Nearly half a million people are dead or missing. More than half the country has been displaced. Yet you keep showing up. You’re distributing ready-to-eat food packages to families on the frontlines of conflict. When five villages were liberated from ISIS in Syria last week, you were there within hours. You’re in Aleppo standing with those returning home as they start the long, difficult work of rebuilding. Read more…

March 10

We delivered food, sleeping bags, and hygiene supplies to 7,000 people in 5 villages near Manbij in the Aleppo district. The villages were liberated from ISIS control hours earlier. Read more…

February 27

Momentum is starting to build for a push to capture Raqqa, in northern Syria, from ISIS. Raqqa is one of the last major cities held by ISIS in Syria or Iraq. It has been under ISIS control for more than three years.

February 17

Since December, you’ve provided more than 790,000 hot meals to displaced Aleppo families. In one of the most divisive, polarizing conflicts in modern history, you are serving all, without discrimination. Read more…

February 10

We’ve extended our emergency feeding program through the month of February. We began operating the kitchen last December, as thousands fled the fighting in eastern Aleppo. We will continue to monitor the situation in and around Aleppo to make sure families have what they need to hold out.

February 4

Our emergency feeding program continues for displaced Aleppo families, providing hot meals for more than 27,000 people every day.

January 29

We just completed our two-week distribution of food packages, benefitting 155 displaced Syrian families. Because of fighting in the region, additional displaced families arrived just before the third distribution, and we were able to distribute additional food packages to meet their needs.

January 15

Today we began a two-week distribution of ready-to-eat food packages to displaced Syrian families. Each package contains 15 meals. We’re making three separate distributions in the same areas over the next couple of weeks, so families have enough food to get them through the harshest part of winter. Ready-to-eat meals are critical, because displaced families in this area have nothing to cook with.

January 5

As some begin returning to eastern Aleppo, a new UN report highlights two critical needs facing these families: repairing bombed-out homes and providing access to urgent medical care. Your donations are helping us meet both needs now. Read more…

December 29

As of today, we’ve expanded our Aleppo response by 10x, thanks to your generosity. In addition to extending our emergency feeding program through January, providing cooked meals for up to 25,000 people every day, our work in and around Aleppo now includes:

  • Preparing long-lasting food packets for 35,000 people
  • Starting a bakery, supplementing daily meals with bread and creating jobs for 20 displaced women
  • Deploying 5 ambulances and 5 mobile clinics to provide urgent medical care in Aleppo and the surrounding area
  • Repairing homes for 50 families returning to eastern Aleppo
  • Distributing sleeping bags to returning families

We’re also mobilizing to bring emergency aid to families in active conflict areas, to ensure they have the food they need to survive. Read more…

December 22

The Syrian army announced today that it has taken full control of Aleppo. Meanwhile, 12,000 people from eastern Aleppo have been evacuated to the area where we’re feeding displaced families. Another 5,000 individuals who were evacuated from rebel-besieged territory west of Aleppo passed through this area, as well.

We are committed to showing up for everyone caught up in this brutal civil war. We’re continuing to provide food and shelter for displaced families, even as we help those starting to return home. Read more…

December 20

We continue to scale up our food response in the Aleppo countryside. Funding was originally set to run out December 25, but your generosity has allowed us to extend this critical aid through the end of January. We’re also planning to distribute food packs for 3,000 families within the next 48-72 hours, so they can have at least one additional meal per day.

Meanwhile, we sent a team inside Aleppo city today to assess the damage as we prepare to winterize homes for 50 families—repairing walls, replacing doors and windows, fixing toilets—so each family has at least one safe, secure room in which to stay as they begin the long process of rebuilding. Every $2,000 you donate helps another family return home. Read more…

December 19

More than 650 Shia evacuees arrived in the Aleppo countryside, where we’re operating our emergency feeding program. Their evacuation from areas west of Aleppo was part of a deal that essentially trades civilians trapped by rebel forces in these areas for civilians trapped in Aleppo by government forces.

December 16

Preemptive Love CEO Jeremy Courtney shared this update on our Aleppo emergency response today…

December 15

We’ve asked our Aleppo response leader to go into the city to assess repairs needed to homes, so that families can return. Temperatures are close to freezing tonight in the Aleppo area, and snow is expected this weekend. We are seeking access so we can help winterize homes—repairing windows and doors in particular—and facilitate returns in the weeks and months ahead.

December 14

We have doubled our Aleppo emergency response, thanks to your generosity. You’re providing food for even more families fleeing the violence.

December 13

December 12

75,000 people have fled Aleppo in recent days. As many as 45,000 are currently in the area where we’re operating an emergency feeding program. We are serving more than 20,000 children, mothers, and fathers every day.

December 11

The Syrian military claims it now controls most of Eastern Aleppo. Several attempts to broke a ceasefire have failed, while thousands of families continue to flee.

December 10

An estimated 40,000 people have fled Eastern Aleppo, making a dire humanitarian situation even more dangerous for families.

December 8

We distributed 2,000 sleeping bags to keep those who’ve been displaced—many of them children—warm as winter closes in on Syria. These sleeping bags are made by other refugees, empowering one group of displaced families while helping to protect another. Read more…

December 5

We’ve begun providing daily emergency food rations for more than 20,000 people in the Aleppo countryside, just a few miles outside the besieged city. Currently, we have funding to provide food for fleeing families through December 25.

November 29

Preemptive Love is initiating another convoy of aid, heading toward Aleppo, with lifesaving food and sleeping sets for 25,000 people, many of whom are sleeping on the streets after their homes were destroyed in the siege. We urgently need funding to provide for those on the run.

November 28

Our Syrian network urgently requested winter supplies—food, medicine, and hygiene supplies—as the Aleppo siege enters its 96th day.

In Eastern Aleppo, infant formula now costs US$30. A pound of meat costs $18. People are sleeping in the streets—even with more than 2,300 airstrikes in the last two weeks alone. Thousands of families who were holding out until now are fleeing for their lives. Help is urgently needed.

November 27

Violence in Aleppo escalated significantly as forces affiliated with the Syrian government began capturing rebel-held neighborhoods in Eastern Aleppo. Thousands of families desperately need food and supplies.

September 9-10

We delivered 650 food parcels, enough to feed thousands of families outside the besieged, battered city of Aleppo. Read more…