Build Backpacks for Asylum Seekers

Watch Diana’s family build a backpack as a meaningful gift of essentials from their family to one fleeing violence.

Hundreds of legal asylum seekers arrive at the US border in El Paso every week, fleeing for their lives. Many arrive with nothing. Not even the most basic essentials.

We’re stepping into the gap, joining with local friends here in El Paso to provide emergency backpacks for 10,000 asylum seekers.

Here’s how you can help:

Build a backpack:

Rally a team to build and send 10 backpacks to our warehouse along the border. The backpack your family and neighbors pack will be the first touch point of relief for many after a journey of fear.

Sign up for a packing list with the supplies families need most, along with instructions and vital info about this crisis.

Another way to show up:

If you aren’t able to assemble a backpack, $40 can provide a backpack for a family in need. This is the fastest way to help, and another critical way to step in the gap for asylum seekers.

We can be the people who love anyway for our friends on the US-Mexico border. Join us.

Questions about the crisis at the border and our response? Click here.