1000th Surgery in Iraq! Celebrate with Mohammad!

Young Mohammad walks the ICU with his father in Nasiriyah, Iraq after receiving the 1000th heart surgery through Preemptive Love Coalition.

Mohammad received his lifesaving heart surgery! 

We know you’ll read lots of headlines today. A lot of them will be centered around the Middle East and all that’s going wrong.

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Let us tell you about something good that’s happening. Despite all the odds, and in the midst of so many difficulties, Mohammed just received his long-awaited lifesaving heart surgery!

And with Mohammad’s operation, we celebrated our 1000th surgery performed in Iraq!

The surgeons were able to go in and fix what needed to be fixed, completely reversing his heart defect, and saving Mohammad’s life. It’s a happy day in southern Iraq where his operation took place and it’s a happy day in northern Iraq where his mother and family are celebrating and eagerly waiting for his return. 

Mohammad has some critical days left in the ICU but he’s right where he needs to be. He’s already making the laps around the ICU, determined to go home this week!

Your consistent, ongoing support has made all of this possible. We look forward to celebrating our 2000th surgery together!