10 Things You Need To Know You’re A Part Of When You Support Remedy

Did you know that each Remedy provides over 7,000 hours of hands on training and education for local Iraqi doctors and nurses during each two week mission?

Did you know that each medical team Remedy brings in is composed of 15 medical professionals from some of the world’s top hospitals?

Did you know that each medical team member Remedy brings in has one goal, and that’s to teach and inspire locals?

Did you know that Remedy literally trains 24 hours a day7 days a week from the moment it begins to the moment it ends?

Did you know that most medical team members Remedy brings in are giving up their only 2 weeks of vacation time to come and be involved in investing in the future of Iraq?

Did you know that Remedy is one of the only outside programs that is investing in the health care in Iraq by training locals where they live rather than just extracting children and operating on them overseas?

Did you know that Remedy is proving itself to be one of the most effective tools in inspiring and encouraging local Iraqi medical teams while tearing down walls of prejudices and misunderstanding between the East and the West?

Did you know that each Remedy gives local surgeons the skills and knowledge to perform surgeries they never knew how to perform before?

Did you know that in the midst of thousands of hours of training each Remedy, over twenty children are given life-saving heart surgeries each trip?

Did you know that’s what you get to be a part of each time you support Remedy?

We hope so! Because Remedy wouldn’t be gaining momentum all across Iraq if it wasn’t for you!