She’s 17. Abused by Two Husbands. And She Needs Her Voice Back.

There’s no nice way to put this: J* is 17 years old, she’s been married twice, and she’s so traumatized by what she experienced at the hands of abusive husbands that it’s affected her speech.

There’s nothing wrong with her vocal cords—it’s her heart and spirit that have been damaged.

J might have lost her ability to speak just now, but she has not lost the ability to ask for what she needs.

Before J was married—before fleeing war in Syria and the bombing that destroyed their home (and her mom’s shoulder)—she dreamed of owning her own business. She dreamed of having a small shop to sell makeup, women’s and baby clothes. Now that she is out of her abusive marriage, she wants to pursue that dream—to be independent, to help her mother and younger siblings, and to reclaim her future.

Give today to help J open a business of her own, and build a new life.