25 Days of Peace: December 1

For all our dreams of “peace on earth,” the world is anything but peaceful. From the Middle East to our own communities, violence seems unrelenting. Relationships bend and sometimes break. Peace—the very thing we long for—seems impossible to come by.
But peace is primarily not something that happens to us. It’s something we choose, something we create, something we lean into.

So let’s spend the next 25 days leaning into peace. 

As part of our new Gift Catalog, we created this activity guide to help you practice peace in small ways during the holiday season.

Because 25 small acts of peace… they add up quickly.

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If you received our new Gift Catalog, you’ll find a copy of #25DaysofPeace inside. We’ll also share each day’s activity on our blog, between now and Christmas. 

Consider sharing this journey with your family or with a small group of friends. Most activities are so simple, they can be done in just a few minutes. Some may push you a bit outside your comfort zone.

Each is a tangible way you can bring a little more peace on earth this season. 

Day 1: Start With Your Own Circle

Take a walk through your neighborhood and talk to someone you cross paths with.

The first place we can start to wage peace is with our own neighbors, those who live near us. Start these 25 Days of Peace by taking a walk through your neighborhood as a family or with a few friends. Initiate conversation with someone you cross paths with. No agenda other than getting out and talking to someone in your community!

Come back tomorrow for day 2! And share your own peacemaking journey with us, using the hashtag #25DaysOfPeace.