25 Days of Peace: December 11

As part of our new Gift Catalog, we created this activity guide to help you practice peace in small ways during the holiday season.

Today, look for signs of peace—or opportunities to wage page—amid your immediate surroundings…

Day 11: Peace on Earth

Take a walk outside and pick up trash as a way of bringing peace to your surroundings.

Peace can be found in unexpected places, and one of those is in your physical surroundings. We often talk about war-torn countries or lands ravaged by violence.

Today, let’s work against the chaos and destruction in our world by going outside and doing something simple: picking up trash! Take a walk or a drive and bring peace to your neighborhood.

Come back tomorrow for day 12! You can also view the full 25 Days of Peace activity guide here.


Wage Peace in Iraq as You Wage Peace at Home…