25 Days of Peace: December 19

As part of our new Gift Catalog, we created this activity guide to help you practice peace in small ways during the holiday season.

Today, it’s time to hold your Peace Feast…

Day 19: Peace Feast, Part 3

Time to have your feast and invite people to join you in waging peace!

Now comes the fun part: actually holding your Peace Feast! Remember, you don’t have to hold your feast today if another day works better for you.

As you eat together, tell your guests the story behind the food you chose (see day 16 for recipe ideas, if you missed them), explain why you arranged the time with them, and seek their ideas on how to bring peace into the world. 

Come back tomorrow for day 20! You can also view the full 25 Days of Peace activity guide here.


Wage Peace in Syria and Iraq as You Wage Peace at Home…

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