3…2…1…Remedy Mission XIX is Underway!

Being united with some of the brightest and most passionate medical teams we could ask for—and seeing their skill-set go toe-to-toe with The Backlog of children in line for lifesaving heart surgery—is pure inspiration. 

We arrived back at the guesthouse at 10:30 tonight, in time to grab a late dinner after screening children and prepping the OR for the first day of operations (now only a few hours away).  

Hussein, Malek, Zahra and a dozen others are lined up for what we hope will be lifesaving operations this week.

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We even had a surprise visit from two children from Kyrgyzstan who both need an operation. They reminded me that these missions are impacting children from all over the world, and they’re finally giving Iraqi doctors the chance to give back on a global scale. 

How do you even begin to measure the kind of impact that chance has on a local medical team?

We all want to give back on a global scale, and it’s something you’ve done these past few weeks by making sure these Iraqi kids get the Remedy they need.

Lifesaving stories are on the way. Stay tuned—Remedy Mission XIX is underway!

Our Partners: Living Light InternationalInternational Children's Heart Foundation