3 Reasons We Want To Partner With Your Company

A photo of a partner nurse holding an Iraqi baby.

We know you don’t have to be a nonprofit to do good.

We don’t even believe that nonprofits are going to change the tide of poverty, healthcare, or violence alone.

We believe it’s going to take everybody; businesses, the mom-and-pop store down the road, the FORTUNE 500 companies and the innovative minds that create and strengthen companies every day.

This is why we want to partner with your company.

Here are 3 reasons we want you to join us.

Why partner with Preemptive Love? 

1. These hearts aren’t fixing themselves. 

If we don’t do anything for these children, their heart defects will win in the end. There’s no way around it. That’s why every lifesaving surgery has a surgeon who provided it and somebody else outside of the operating room who chose to make that surgery possible. Your company can make these surgeries possible and save hundreds of children this year through partnering with us. 

2. 100% of your donations go toward heart surgeries in Iraq. 

When your company chooses to make a difference and provide lifesaving heart surgeries in Iraq, 100% of your donation goes directly towards that specific project. It’s our promise to you, and it’s our commitment to the children we’re out to save. It’s as simple as that. 

3. By working together, we can do more. 

With your help, we can say “yes” to more opportunities that help us accomplish our vision in Iraq. When doctors in Fallujah ask for us to show up each quarter, we can say “yes.” When doctors in Najaf ask us if we can help provide surgeries for the hundreds that they have waiting in line, we can say “yes.” But we can only say “yes” when we have the backing to make it happen and right now, with more backing we can say “yes” more and do more good. 

How can you partner with Preemptive Love? 

Here are 3 ways your company can partner with us today. 

1. Give back a percentage. 

Is your company already looking for ways to give back? Tell them about how they can give back to children in Iraq. It really doesn’t take much, but deciding to donate a portion of sales or a percentage of profit can provide a whole lot of heart surgeries in Iraq each year. 

2. Sponsor a heart surgery or an entire Remedy Mission. 

Your company can sponsor an individual heart surgery for just $650. That’s what it costs us to save a life in Iraq today. Or you can sponsor an entire Remedy Mission for $10,000, saving the lives of 15-18 children over a period of two weeks. 

3. Collaborate on a product. 

Have a product that you want to collaborate on? Let us know! We’ll help get the word out, and more children will be saved because of it. 

Write me with your ideas, and let’s brainstorm together about how your company can help save lives in Iraq. 

Send me and e-mail by clicking here to learn more or share your thoughts. 

I’d love to hear from you.