7 Steps to Make a Kid Smile

Life isn’t perfect for Yasser, Senna, and their girls today. But a weight is lifted now that they have a safe home in Beirut, Lebanon.

Senna and her kids in Beirut, Lebanon. Photo by Preemptive Love

Since the Beirut blast in August 2020, our community of peacemakers has repaired 100 homes impacted by the explosion. But replacing windows and doors isn’t always enough to help a family come home. 

Listening is the most important part of what we do. Listening to families and what they need, both before a project, during, and even after. Here’s one example of how listening brought a family home.

  1. Visit Yasser and Senna’s home, damaged in the Beirut blast. Listen. Listen more, to their sorrows and their dreams. Take notes. Determine what would make the biggest impact in their life today. Repair their front door, fix a leaky roof, and bring a refrigerator, stove and water heater for them and their three daughters.

2. Replace the front door with one that actually fits the opening, and that locks, providing their family with some security.

3. Assess how we’re going to get the refrigerator up to their home.

4. Bring a refrigerator. Appliances aren’t covered by most organizations helping families affected by the Beirut blast, but it can make the difference between a family being able to move home or not. 

5. Meet Senna and her girls—more excited about a kitchen appliance than most kids!

6. Fill the fridge with a month’s worth of food. Watch the girl’s happiness spread across their faces! 

7. Watch the smiles spread! Life isn’t perfect for Yasser, Senna, and their girls today. But a massive amount of stress is off their shoulders. Now they have a safe home base to face daily life in Beirut, Lebanon.