“I Have A Heart Defect (And Summer Is Here)”

It was the swimming pool.

That is what I always looked forward to during the summer. Or was it road-tripping with my family?

It was probably both. Swimming until my hair was bleached by way too much chlorine and driving to northern California to fish and remind ourselves how big the Redwoods are.

Remember what your summers were like when you were 4 years old? Remember the sunshine, the outdoors, and all the things that gave you the conviction that life couldn’t possibly get any better?

All I know is that a 4-year-old shouldn’t have to go through a single summer with a life-threatening heart defect.

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That is why I can’t wait for Alaa to get his chance at a lifesaving heart surgery. Because it is only two weeks into summer and he still has time to experience it with a healthy heart.

Stay tuned. Alaa’s operation is coming this week!

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