“So…Why Are We Here?”

After flying in from England, Iceland, Pakistan, Canada and America, all 15 of us walked into the hospital today to kick off the first day of Remedy.

We made it up to the operating theater on the second floor then promptly moved into a debate about football and why the Americans get away with calling it “soccer”. From there the debate shifted to American football and how that name doesn’t even make sense for the sport. With people from over five countries in one room there are bound to be more debates like this one!

After we agreed to disagree, the lead ICU nurse posed the question. “So, why are we here?”

After a few seconds he continued, “I’m not sure what your past experiences are or how many trips you’ve been on like this one but I can assure you that we’re not here to do a bunch of surgeries. We’re here to use surgery as a tool for teaching and empowering others.” 

And just like that, as soon as we knew again how to answer the question of why we were here, Remedy was officially underway! 

Yes – we want to save as many lives as possible these next two weeks. But more than that, we came to teach. The debate about “soccer” and “football” is bound to continue, but the debate about why all of us are here was answered with that one statement. 

The first surgery gets underway in just minutes, so stay tuned!