“…The Feeling of Being About to Reach My Dream!”

“But nothing else makes me feel like this; just the feeling of internal happiness; the feeling of being on the short way to being a cardiac surgeon—even a beginner one—the feeling of being about to reach my dream!”

This came in an email from one of the local surgeons receiving training right now in southern Iraq! This doctor’s excitement is so contagious—he even makes me want to learn more about medicine. Thank you for empowering his compassion for his compatriots!

We are now halfway through our ninth surgical mission in Iraq, and the excitement has yet to die down. 

The press are swarming our break room even as I write this, and we’re looking into every lens and delivering the same message: there is a Coalition that is committed to eradicating this backlog of children in need of surgery! Seven days in, and we have already seen ten children receive surgery. 

Come back tomorrow to meet one of my favorites!