#WeAreN Campaign—Slacktivism or Success?

When we started the #WeAreN campaign, it was mostly about needing some way to respond to the Nazi-esque marking of innocents in Mosul and to show solidarity with persecuted Christians.

But that simple, emotional act has since exploded into a worldwide movement, and the crazy thing is, it actually seems to be making a difference.

Read more about the movement’s success below, and then let us know what you think in the comments section. Is this just more slacktivism or success?

kinsman soap

“Will the hashtag campaign for Iraqi Christians beat the odds? Even with the noblest of intentions, social-media campaigns often fail to produce any real-world consequences. Such was the unfortunate fate of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign.

Although it became so popular that even first lady Michelle Obama ‘did her part’ and tweeted a picture of herself holding a sign that read ‘#BringBackOurGirls,’ the hashtag failed to inspire anyone, most importantly Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, to mount a concerted effort to recover the missing schoolchildren. Four months after the hashtag went viral, most of the young girls originally kidnapped remain missing.

However, once in a while, social media cause actual change. The #WeAreN campaign is one of those success stories…”

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