A Professional And A Friend. Remembering Yasser Al Joumali

I met this man, Yasser, on our recent Remedy Mission XX in southern Iraq.

A father of two from Fallujah, he was there to cover the surgical mission for Al Jazeera America. He took his work very seriously and didn’t want to miss anything. Yasser spent hours in the operating room filming, watching and learning. He was proud that Iraqi children and doctors were being served.

I was saddened to wake up and read about his death at the hands of an Al Qaeda-linked group in Syria. You probably don’t need another reminder that this region is experiencing violence, but I hope this does remind you that there are real people here—friends like Yasser—who are working hard to be excellent, compassionate professionals.

A visual storyteller through and through, he wanted to be where the stories were. In his honor, we’re going to share one of the last news pieces he completed before his death. Come back in a few days to watch it.