A Dream Made Reality—The Remedy Fellowship Serves Nearly 300 Kids (And Counting)

One thing we constantly tell Iraqis is that their world is our world.

When violence unmakes their world, our world is unmade, too. So when we partner with doctors to provide a child with a lifesaving heart surgery, we’re not only mending a little heart—we’re working through stereotypes, geographic borders, and cultural barriers to remake the world through healing.

The Remedy Fellowship in Nasiriyah is helping us carry out this vision.

Ten months since its launch, Remedy Fellowship continues to be the number one surgical training program inside Iraq. Through the work of our partners at Living Light International and the International Children’s Heart Foundation, Remedy Fellowship has already provided nearly 300 operations and over 5,000 hands-on training hours for local medical teams.

The result is simple: our world is healing. The work we pursue is becoming a reality!

More and more, Iraqi families are finding medical care within their own borders. Local doctors at the Nasiriyah Heart Center are diagnosing and operating on heart defects that were inaccessible just a year ago.

We still have a long way to go, but we are moving in the right direction.

As the world around us continues to be remade, we give thanks: to you, who donated despite the uncertainties of beginning a new program, to our partners, who worked locally and nationally to make the vision hold together, and to the Iraqi doctors and nurses whose hands have helped mend nearly 300 little hearts.

Together, we celebrate the healing that has happened with the help of Remedy Fellowship—and the healing yet to come.