A Peek Inside The O.R.—Watch Hussain’s Six Hour Surgery In Two Minutes!

Have you ever wondered what a surgery actually looks like? Have you ever wanted to peek into the O.R. to see what it takes to save a child’s life?

Considering how much you’ve donated, started your own fundraisers, and cheered kids on over the past few years, I’d say you deserve a glimpse of all that you’re making possible. So I got permission from the local surgeons to set my camera up outside the operating theatre—for seven hours!

save lives on the frontlines of war

Little Hussain’s operation had a few twists and turns, but sitting outside that door watching it all unfold was well worth it, and now you can do the same. Click the video above (or click here) to watch the lifesaving surgery you gave to Hussain!


Would you like to make more surgeries like this possible? We’re going back to this same operating room in just a couple weeks, and we need your help saving more livesClick here to donate directly, or go start your own fundraiser here—we love doing this alongside you!

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