A Perfect Heartbeat—Maddy Made It!

A photo of Maddy right after his operation as a local surgeon checks the sound of his heartbeat.

“It sounds perfect,” he whispered.

Dr. Mounaf (pictured above) was Maddy’s Iraqi surgeon-in-training during the operation, and he’s thrilled at how well the operation went. We originally thought Maddy would get a partial correction and then the final, complete correction would come later when he’d grown a bit.

But Maddy was fortunate, and his heart is now fully corrected—he won’t need another operation.

Dr. Mounaf listened to Maddy’s heart from all different angles as Frank—an ICU teaching nurse—explained the rhythms to him. Considering this is our 300th surgery, it’s exciting to see it go so well.

Thank you for making 300 of these little hearts beat correctly—they now sound the way they’re supposed to!

A photo of ICHF staff, Frank Malloy, explaining Maddy's recovery to Dr. Mounaf.

Stick with us. We’ll have more info on Maddy, Remedy Mission XIV, and the 300 children we’re set to help in 2013 coming soon. 

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