A Playful Hussain In A Serious Situation

On our last Remedy Mission, we met a little boy named Hussain.

Hussain’s unabashedly playful approach to everything makes him a lot of fun to be around. In fact, this kid proved difficult not to be around. Even as Hussain waited his turn to meet with the cardiologist, it wasn’t long before a crowd of hospital staff had stopped what they were doing (i.e., stopped working), and gathered around Hussain to enjoy a game or a laugh.

Play-time abruptly ended and things got serious after a supervisor broke things up and got people back to work (though not before he himself had also played a game of catch with Hussain).

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It wasn’t long before the boy was in the operating room for a more in-depth look at his heart problem. The cardiologist (pictured below) informed us that Hussain needed surgery, but that he wouldn’t be able to get it until the next Remedy Mission since the current one was all booked up. They had run out of room, but—with your help—we have the opportunity to bring the team back!

That is why we’re campaigning to save Hussain. You have already given $1,505 for Hussain’s upcoming surgery, but we still need your help to reach our goal of $5,000. Please visit this page to help provide Hussain the lifesaving heart surgery he needs, and be sure to come back next Thursday for another Hussain update!

Hussain and the doctor