Abdulkareem is Sent Home to Diyala with a Healthy, Happy Heart and a Grateful Family


Abdulkareem spent the last few days out of ICU recovering with his mother in the main ward. This little boy who captured our attention sometime in the Spring, is now a healthy little boy!


Abdulkareem was discharged to return home to Diyala with his mom, dad, and his big brother, Abbas. 

Abdulkareem’s father sent me a message from the road on his way home after this photo was taken. The message said something like, “Thank you so much for your organization and for helping my little boy. We will not forget you.” 

If he had more time, I think he would have thanked you each by name with tears running down his face. 

You made this a reality for Abdulkareem. You made a father and a mother’s dream come true. And you prevented a big brother from growing up without a soccer-buddy. As I write this, I’m full of tears at your kindness and generosity. I cannot even imagine what order of gratitude Abdulkareem’s family must feel toward you.

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