Ahmed Goes Into Surgery


Ahmed is a five month old boy from Southern Iraq.

When Ahmed was born, his family knew from his blue lips that there was something wrong but they had no idea it was his heart. Ahmed’s parents were told, like too many, that there was no hope for Ahmed to be operated on in Iraq. His best and only hope was to be sent abroad for surgery.

Ahmed’s father owns a local shop and his mother is a teacher but she’s been without a job for the past two years. One income in Iraq simply isn’t enough to afford all the costs that go into sending your child abroad for surgery.

It was because of their situation that local doctors called them last week, urging them to bring in Ahmed for surgery. I asked Ahmed’s mother what her reaction was when she heard that Ahmed could be operated on here in Iraq. She just smiled and said, “How can I possibly describe that feeling?”

Ahmed is going into surgery within the next few hours. Stay tuned…  

Remedy Missions are international pediatric heart surgery teams that we bring to Iraq to perform lifesaving heart surgeries and develop the infrastructure for the future. This Remedy Mission is made possible by the Vice President of Iraq, Living Light International, and the International Children’s Heart Foundation. If you’re on Twitter this week be sure to use the #RemedyMission hashtag to describe all the good news coming out of Iraq via @preemptivelove and @babyheart_org. If you’re on Facebook, “Share” this story with the button below.