Ahmed’s Mother Dances With Joy


“I saw him, I saw him! I saw my son!”

Those were the words that Ahmed’s mother kept repeating over and over again, all the while carrying the biggest smile on her face. She had just been allowed to go into the ICU to see Ahmed, just a few hours after they finished his operation.

During the surgery, Ahmed’s mom let go of the anxiety that all the mothers in the hospital try so much to contain. She faced the corner of the room and wept while Ahmed was gone.

The tears only gave way to laughter and excitement after the nurses let her see for herself how strong Ahmed was becoming!

While all the mothers here relate to the anxiety of having a sick child, Ahmed’s mother is the fifth this week that can experience the joy of a successful operation. But then again, watching all the other mothers in the room laugh and rejoice with her makes me think that her joy isn’t just being felt by her.