Ahmed’s Surgery a Complete Success; Heart Stronger Than Ever Thanks to You!


Ahmed is prepared for surgery with our visiting cardiologist, Dr. Sri Rao, of the International Children’s Heart Foundation.

Ahmed’s 5 year battle to obtain his much-needed heart surgery is now a thing of the past after a 5.5 hour surgery that successfully corrected all five major heart defects! He’s now resting in ICU with his uncle who hasn’t left his side since his parents were seriously injured in a car crash this past week.

If you haven’t read Ahmed’s story be sure to read it here.


We’ve all fallen in love with Ahmedthere’s no denying it

Today our joy is through the roof as we celebrate Ahmed’s life and the good news that both of his parents are recovering with him a few hours away in their home city! 

Ahmed’s heart can now give his body everything it needs to run, jump, and shout for joy, thanks to you! It’s always an exciting journey to the hospital each morning to see our kids. But tomorrow morning the trip is going to be special. 

We can’t wait to see our friend, Ahmed. 

Remedy Missions are international pediatric heart surgery teams that we bring to Iraq to to perform lifesaving heart surgeries and develop the infrastructure for the future. If you’re on Twitter this week be sure to use the #Remedy or #RemedyMission hashtag to describe all the good news coming out of Iraq this week via @preemptivelove and @babyheart_org. If you’re on Facebook, “Share” this story with the button below. 

Photos by Heber Vega.