Alawi Moves Into The ICU Where He Awaits His Surgery

Alawi was taken into the Intensive Care Unit where he’s one step closer to receiving what we hope to be a fully corrective heart surgery!

Two things constantly amaze me during Remedy Missions. The skill and care of the doctors and nurses and the bravery of these children.

Alawi’s one of the bravest I’ve met so far.

As Alawi was carried into the ICU and began treatments, you could tell that he felt uncomfortable but there was something in his eyes that made me think he knew that all of this was going to make him stronger. Maybe it was the way he sat straight up and patiently waited as they began prepping him for surgery or the way he pushed the nurse’s hands away from the oxygen mask and held it over his mouth by himself, breathing in and out. As he took deep breathes of the oxygen coming from the mask his eyes would dart around and he would shift on the bed when something hurt or made him uncomfortable. Other times his eyes would squint as his cheeks raised, revealing a grin under the clear mask. I could only grin back as I told him I’d see him after he the doctors fix his heart. 

Brave Alawi’s one step closer to the remedy and we can’t wait to see that grin again! Be the first to see it tomorrow on our Facebook Page! Like it, post it, share it, and join the Remedy!