Alawi Receives His Much Needed Heart Surgery!

This morning Alawi got the heart surgery we’ve all been waiting for!

Local doctors and nurses – alongside the ICHF team – took a minimalistic approach to his repair, seeking to do as little “trauma” to his heart as possible. Unfortunately, after surgery, it seemed the minimalist approach wasn’t holding as well as they hoped. They decided to perform an even more robust correction that would make Alawi even stronger than he already was.

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So Alawi went yet again into the operating room just as bravely as he went into his first operation. 

Alawi’s a reminder of what we’re committed to – we will do whatever it takes to make each child and each Iraqi doctor and nurse into the healthiest child and most-skilled doctor or nurse they can be. Hoping for the best still never makes it easy to watch a child go in for surgery. 

We could not do this without you! You are our heroes and you inspire us to keep going so much! Stay tuned to get the latest update on Alawi from the ICU via our Facebook Page!