BREAKING: Aleppo Food Delivery Happening Now

“What is Aleppo?”

Yesterday, we suggested there’s a better question: “Do you see Aleppo?”

Will we be the people who go when others simply debate? Will we skip the political posturing, the discouragement, the apathy and chose to actually do something?

You’ve given a resounding “yes,” and now together we are responding.

As you read this, a semi truck packed with food is about to deploy to frontline conflict zones in Aleppo, to make sure families fleeing violence are served immediately, as soon as they escape.

Friends and volunteers in the convoy sent an urgent request:

“Pray for us… we are heading toward a very dangerous zone where civilians are trapped, and war is raging over their heads.”

sisterhood soap

Permission forms are signed and in hand to ensure quick passage through checkpoints. But the highway into Aleppo is extremely dangerous, especially after dark. On one side, ISIS has been known to carry out attacks on supply trucks. Other militant groups have managed to capture parts of the road from the other side before being pushed back. Getting this aid delivery safely where it needs to go is like threading a needle.

Our aid team knows the risk and is choosing to love anyway—to go anyway!

This is one of many responses we are planning for the people of Syria, and we need your help. Are you ready see them? To come alongside them, after years of war and world-unmaking violence, and to make sure they know they are not alone?

We’re going in. Will you join us?

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