Ali’s Heroes Join Together To Save His Life

A photo of Ali hanging out with a few of his heroes - local cardiac doctors.

Did you ever get a chance to meet one of your personal heroes?

Given Ali’s dream of becoming a heart surgeon, spending all day surrounded by heart doctors was like spending an entire day hanging out with his heroes. Ali has never wanted to be a doctor as badly as he does right now!

But without a heart surgery within the next few days, Ali will never be able to grow up strong enough to make that a reality.

Today, Ali was taken in for more tests so the doctors can fully understand his rare heart defect. Essentially, part of Ali’s heart never completely formed, so his heart needs to be repaired in a way that will help him grow strong enough to go back to school and get back to being a kid. Thankfully, a heart surgery exists that can do exactly that.

I asked Ali if he’s still excited for his heart surgery and he responded even more enthusiastically “Yes – YES!”

Who wouldn’t want a surgery that could put all of their dreams back within reach?