An Iraq Update—The Effects of Rising Violence

If you pay attention to world news, bombings in Iraq are so common that you may have begun to tune them out. But this year—particularly the summer and fall—saw the largest spike in violence since the sectarian conflict of 2008.

While we are doing everything we can to provide Iraqi children with their chance at a heart surgery, we are also following the news reports depicting wave after wave of violent attacks.

Visuals like these from BBC and Al Jazeera offer a terrible reminder of the lives lost from the latest bombings in BaghdadMosulNajaf or any of a number of other cities here.

Occasionally, this violence even causes our local partner doctors to cancel our surgical missions. We’ve had two missions recently affected by this spike in violence. There are Iraqi children expecting surgery who must wait for the lifesaving operation they need because of the precautions our partner hospitals must take due to this violence.

We challenge you, as you’re enjoying friends and family this holiday season in a stable part of Iraq, to remember Iraq. Pray for the peace of the people of this country. Pray healing for these sectarian lines inflamed by the nearby Syrian conflict.