An Out-of-the-Box Answer to Syria’s Medical Crisis

“My whole body is tired. I am tired.”

He stayed in Aleppo, Syria all through the fighting.

He stayed through airstrikes strong enough to shake the earth beneath his feet, decimate centuries of history, and fill the air with plumes of dust made up of the pulverized lives of his neighbours.

At 75 years old, Ramadan’s body feels the effects of age, not to mention the stress of war. He came to one of our four mobile medical clinics that are traveling through war-torn neighborhoods in Syria—to have his blood pressure checked.

The war’s impact on his community is devastating; the only way for him to get any kind of medical care is to make his way to the mobile clinic when it visits his neighbourhood.

When we asked Ramadan how he was feeling, he answered for millions of Syrians: “My whole body is tired. I am tired.”

For years, hospitals have been targeted by airstrikes in contested areas of Syria. This has left millions of Syrians without any access to healthcare. You stepped into that gap earlier this year, when you sent four mobile clinics into Syria to reach families in places where there is no other means of primary medical care left.

Beyond helping to get these clinics into the country, you have kept them going month after month—providing drivers, doctors, and social workers for each clinic, paying for gas and maintenance, and supplying medications and equipment.

Zeinab (below) came to one of our mobile clinics to get treated for high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes. She told us how difficult life is right now. There is nowhere to buy bread, let alone medicine!

You put medicine into her hands. You relieved some of her burden. And you are standing with her as she figures out how to rebuild.

Recently, these same mobile clinics that served in Aleppo began offering medical care, vaccinations, and medicine for 2,000 people inside Deir ez-Zor, a besieged city in eastern Syria. It was the first medical care many families have gotten in years.

But the need is far greater than our four clinics alone can meet.

So we’re more than doubling our fleet.

We’re sending six more mobile clinics into Syria. Each one can provide 10,000 medical consultations every month. With 10 clinics on the ground, we’ll be able to serve up to 100,000 people in more war-torn communities every month.

But we need your help. We need to raise $50,000 to get six new clinics into Syria and operate all 10 clinics for a month. Your donation will provide doctors, drivers, and social workers to staff each mobile clinic. You’ll provide medications and supplies. You’ll provide fuel and maintenance as our clinics access some of the hardest-to-reach places in Syria.

For thousands of Syrians on the frontlines of war, you’ll provide the only medical care they can get.

Let’s end 2017 by securing the future of our Syrian friends—by providing health and healing for them in 2018. Please give today.

Provide medical care for people in war-torn Syria. Give now.