Anwar & Fatima Continue To Get Stronger!


It’s incredible to watch the journeys of these children and their families.

Most of the families come in individually carrying their children. The children usually stay in their beds with their mothers until they go in for their surgery. Then the mother’s begin to grow closer as they wait for their children to come through the surgery and out of the ICU. When each child comes out, they celebrate and soon they’ll start walking their children or each other’s children down the hallway tightly gripping their hands.

Then one by one, each child gets stronger and soon the mothers stay in the room chatting while their children are running around on their own!

It’s a beautiful thing to be writing this post and be interrupted by the children we’ve grown to love so much.


Anwar and Fatima seem to grow stronger each day here in the hospital.

Today, Anwar and I colored. He drew pictures of palm trees and birds. I think we’re all counting down the days until we can leave the hospital!