Apart From Us Interrupting Her Nap, Deeya Is Doing Great!

Deeya after being woken up during her nap.

Look who we just visited! Deeya’s scar is now over 14 months old, and her mother happily reported that her daughter has started school and is doing extremely well. She used the Kurdish phrase joolay zora, meaning “she moves a lot” to describe how active her daughter has become. We missed out on that activity during our visit, though, because we arrived in the middle of Deeya’s nap. I’d love to show you a photo of her sweet smile, but sometimes kids just don’t feel it.

Our inclination is to show you extremes: big, beaming smiles or desperately needy faces. But we all know that isn’t a true representation of most kids on most days. We have good days and bad days, but the important thing is the fact that now, thanks to you and our capable doctors, Deeya will actually live to have days, both good and bad!

Deeya shows off her scar

Her life has been saved, and she is now healthy to be as joyful and irritable as any other child. Thank you for making that possible, and thank you for loving these children with us – even when we show you their groggy photos.

Our upcoming Remedy Mission VII will give you the opportunity to love even more sick children. Join us in counting down to the first day of surgery on November 6th!