Arm-In-Arm With Excellent People—Meet Our Partners!

A happy nurse holds a new baby.

Remedy Mission IX is at an end, and it’s success is more proof that you’re building something amazing here in Iraq.

It started with one little boy all those years ago, and now you are empowering on-the-ground specialists to train and save hundreds (and eventually thousands) of lives—you’re making all the difference!

So we thought we’d re-introduce you to our larger team in Iraq so you can know who does what around here. The International Children’s Heart Foundation, or ICHF for short. These are our medical partners. Each mission they draw from an outstanding collection of volunteer nurses and doctors who are willing to spend their vacation time working for free in developing countries. How ’bout that for a holiday!?

Doctors looking at a scan

Living Light International (LLI) completes this triumvirate by acting as our cultural compass. Their guidance and know-how make these surgical missions possible, and they’re incredibly well-connected. They make expansion to new frontiers and hospitals in Iraq possible, and they’ll even teach you some Arabic if you ask nicely. Teaming up with these two has already left hundreds of families with now-healthy children, and we’re excited to save many more down the road! Onward!

Boy and a doctor