Basra’s Doctors Are Not Forgotten—Remedy Mission XIV Begins!

A collage of photos from the first day of Remedy Mission XIV in Basra, Iraq.

“Today our dream is coming true.”

These are the kinds of phrases we’re hearing in the southern port city of Basra right now. The local surgeons told us they’ve been trying to create a children’s heart hospital for nearly 30 years, and today they performed their first operation.

Decades of dreams, now made possible.

Amidst the excitement, hope, and tears, though, you’re not forgottenYou helped make this day possible! In fact, we brag about you guys. Today I told several Iraqi nurses about The Coalition around the world—of which you’re a part—who still care about Iraqis; I assured them they’re not forgotten, either.

save lives on the frontlines of war

And, for me, that’s one of the most beautiful things about this big, messy, collaboration: we haven’t forgotten one another.

Despite all the distance and differences, there are a bunch of doctors in Basra who know that they’re not forgotten, because you’ve remembered and supported them in their lifesaving dream.

The same goes for all the families who are about to receive back a healthy child—I can’t wait to tell them about you!

Keep reading. I’ll have fresh faces and stories for you coming soon.

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