Better Februarys

I’ve honestly never been big on the month of February.

I mean, it’s the hardest month to pronounce (is the “r” silent!?), there’s all the V-Day drama/expectations, and then, of course, February is when they bring out the sweetened little heartshaped Altoids with all the stalker-ish messages on them.

But allow me to introduce you to something that will forever improve your Februarys: CHD Awareness Week!

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Thousands of people from all over the world are spending the 7th through the 14th spreading awareness about the world’s most common birth defect, and we’re joining them! If you’re new to our site and don’t know what we do, the Preemptive Love Coalition seeks to eradicate the 30,000+ backlog of Iraqi children with congenital heart defects.

So take a minute to read up on CHD in Iraq, and make sure to add CHD Awareness Week on Facebook or check out their website.

Here’s to a better February and healthier children!