He’s Been Boiling Trash To Feed His Kids

We found our friend Bashir in the trash scavenging bread crumbs for his kids. He was going to boil the scraps and call it “soup.”

Because that was his only way to feed a family of 10.

We’re all scared. But the look in this father’s eyes… it was love. Love for his family, to do whatever he needed to do to provide for them.

Yet no parent should have to dig through the trash to find his children something to eat.

Because so many people are choosing to share what they have across oceans, we were able to deliver more than two weeks of food straight to Bashir’s door. And give him cash so he can buy vegetables and fruit full of the nutrients they so desperately need.

Tonight’s dinner just changed from watered bread to plates overflowing with rice, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh bread that hasn’t sat on anyone else’s table or trash can.

Not everything is easy these days. It can be hard and awful in so many ways. But to know these families have warm food tonight makes it all a little easier for me, for you—and especially for them.

This quarantine is not for the faint of heart. But I’m so grateful that we are all in this together, that with the magic of technology we can share our togetherness even more.

Our job isn’t done yet. We have to stay the course.

If you are sitting at home today feeling like you don’t have options, rest assured you do. This family’s life is different because of someone like you.

Would you add a small monthly donation to your plate? It doesn’t require much. We’ll turn it into food and jobs today. And each month after.

Because boiled trash isn’t soup.

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Editor’s note: Out of respect for our friend and to protect his identity, we have changed his name in this post.