BREAKING: Last City in Iraq Freed From ISIS Under Threat Again

The Iraqi town of Qa’im is under threat from ISIS again, after reports of intense fighting just over the border in Syria.

Qa’im was the last city in Iraq to be liberated, almost exactly one year ago. But extremists still hold a large stretch of territory nearby, across the Syrian border. Not only that, in recent days ISIS has reportedly recaptured territory it had lost to Kurdish forces in Syria.

Now ISIS fighters may be poised to cross back into Iraq.

Iraqi soldiers stand guard during a food distribution in Qa’im, Iraq. Photo by Ihsan Ibraheem/Preemptive Love Coalition.

Iraqi military officials are mobilizing to respond, dropping leaflets on Qa’im and the surrounding area, warning people of the threat and calling on local militias and tribal groups to stand with them. They’re calling it Operation Last Warning.

The remote desert of western Iraq was a stronghold for ISIS, and many areas are still dangerous, especially at night.

This is exactly where you’re been showing up.

Earlier this year, you sent long-lasting food packs to families in Qa’im—families who are working hard to rebuild after years of ISIS terror. Families who refuse to give up, families who are remaking home, despite the ongoing danger.

Much of the world has moved on from Iraq and Syria. But ISIS is still very much a threat. They have not left—and neither will we.

Stay tuned for more updates on the situation in Iraq. Give now to stand with families on the frontlines.

Ihsan Ibraheem contributed to this post.