Bubble-Blowing, A Work-Out? Moustafa Is Recovering Beautifully!

Moustafa, a young Iraqi boy, blows bubbles to strengthen his lungs after a life-saving heart surgery

Did you know bubbles are a part of the routine for discharging children from ICU?

save lives on the frontlines of war

It’s because blowing bubbles is a fun way for kids to strengthen their lungs and improve their breathing after hours of being on a heart-and-lung machine. Don’t believe me? Go here to find out more on how blowing bubbles is beneficial to your health.


You may remember that I was looking forward to giving you good news about Moustafa’s surgery, and I got it!

Moustafa passed his healthy heart and lung test and is ready to make the trip back to his hometown – praise God! You helped send Moustafa to surgery, and because of your donations and prayers his once-broken heart is now mended.

Thank you for choosing to be a heart-mender, and thanks for helping to save Moustafa!