Bubbly Maddy, Our 300th Child

A photo of Maddy playing with bubbles in the Sadr Teaching Hospital in Basra, Iraq.

This is Maddy (pronounced mah-dee), the 300th child you’ve helped us save.

If you haven’t already, watch his intro video here.

Now, I want to you imagine the cheeriest, sweetest child you’ve ever met. This isn’t rhetorical, I’m serious. You got someone in mind? Get your favorite niece or something. Now—and I don’t mean to offend—but whoever you’re imagining is a Scrooge compared to this boy.

He hugs, he dances, he giggles when they’re putting an IV in him.

We sat with Maddy and his mother after their echo screening and he just busted out laughing, squirming all over the place as the cardiologist tried to get a decent look at his heart. Every time I showed him his photos he exclaimed, “Beautiful!”

His grandmother beamed.

A photo of Maddy presenting the camera with a bubble he caught.

So many children come to us with blue faces, clubbed fingers, and the saddest face you’ve ever seen—our hearts break for them. We long to see them healed and happy.

Children like Maddy are a bit deceptive, though. He has two sisters and a brother, but his grandmother said he is still the most happy and active of the group. It was hard for the family to believe Maddy’s heart would eventually give out.

But we were able to give Maddy his operation this week after a six year wait. We’ll be reporting on his trip through the hospital over the next week, so come back for more updates on this sweet child.

A photo of Maddy playing with bubbles.

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