Refugee Camps Near Ghouta are Running Out of Food… So You’re Providing It

They’ve survived hell on earth—years of siege, chemical attacks, bombs, bullets, lack of medical care, starvation. And during those years, families in eastern Ghouta no doubt wondered if anyone cared. If anyone noticed their suffering.

Well, you noticed. And you jumped at first chance you got to show up and help them.

Over the last three weeks, 130,000 people were forced to flee eastern Ghouta. They had to leave their homes (sometimes forcibly) and travel through the bombs and bullets to get to temporary camps outside the city where they might find food, shelter, water, and safety.

But these families poured into camps so quickly, and the humanitarian response to Syria is so generally underfunded, that the camps are overcrowded and running low on resources. Food is the greatest need.

That’s why you’re showing up… helping to provide daily hot meals for 24,000 displaced people for the next month.

Because of you, 24,000 people who went through hell, now know they are seen, cared for, and loved. Because of your generosity and willingness to press into their pain, displaced kids have full bellies, so their parents no longer have to worry about their family starving.

You’re also providing medical care for these families—the first medical care they’ve had in a long time. The doctors and medical staff are providing services that range from treating shrapnel wounds and chronic illnesses to helping women give birth and offering preventative care for children.

Thank you for all that you’ve given—your love, your finances, your presence, and your prayers.

But the need is still overwhelming. The bombs keep dropping, the bullets keep flying, and families keep showing up in the camp, hungry, exhausted, injured, and traumatized.

We know it’s heartbreaking, but don’t look away now. Please, keep showing up for these families.

Help provide food and medical care for families who have been forced to flee from war and violence. Give now.