Celebrate With Us—Remedy Mission XII Was A Success!

A photo of an Iraqi baby girl holding both fists in the air at al-Sadr Hospital before her lifesaving heart surgery.

Double fist-pump!

It’s time to join baby Fatima (pictured above) in celebrating the successful end of Remedy Mission XII! Thanks to you guys, Fatima and 13 other children received heart operations.

Iraqi surgical residents like Dr. Husam (pictured below, on the left) also logged extensive training hours and even got to operate individually alongside our partner surgeon for the first time. When I asked Dr. Husam about the experience later that day, he was beaming—he was ecstatic that he’d been given the opportunity!

These are the gifts you’ve helped us give to Iraqi families and aspiring doctors—thank you. All this training and operating is a step in the best direction possible: an independent, fully-functioning pediatric heart center in the city of Najaf.

A photo of Dr. William Novick of the International Children's Heart Foundation operating with Dr. Husam Nasir in Najaf, Iraq.

But just because Remedy Mission XII is over doesn’t mean the stories are stopping.

You’ve invested too much into these missions for us to just give you two weeks of concentrated stories (though we do that in real-time as well!).

So stay tuned, we’ve got folders full of photos for you, and we’ve even got another video or two coming. As always, thank you for giving toward helping these children.

We go back to Najaf in a few weeks—what better way to keep keep helping children than by donating toward our Remedy Mission fund HERE? 

More to come…

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