Celebrating Our Partners: Dr. Novick Honored by U.S. House of Representatives

We’ve never been so thankful for ruptured eardrums.

And neither, we think, have the 6000+ children Dr. William Novick has served through pediatric heart surgery during the last 20 years.

It is for these children that Dr. Novick, our partner at the International Children’s Heart Foundation, was officially honored on the floor of the House of Representatives in June.

His recognition was delivered by the Hon. John Duncan, who praised Dr. Novick’s lifesaving work in pediatric cardiology around the globe.

Things might have turned out differently. Once upon a time, Dr. Novick went to college to study marine biology. But when his eardrums wouldn’t let him dive—and his instructor told him he’d have to settle for a desk job—he decided to change course.

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And in 1991, he traveled to Colombia for his first international medical mission.

Two years later, he founded the International Children’s Heart Foundation in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

Since then, Dr. Novick and his international medical teams have performed over 6,000 pediatric heart surgeries in 31 countries, and in 2010, they began partnering with us in providing those same surgeries for Iraqi children.

These numbers—and Dr. Novick’s heart for healing—deserve recognition.

Today, we celebrate ruptured eardrums, healthy hearts, and Dr. Novick. Pop over to ICHF’s Facebook page and let him know how thankful you are for the lifesaving work he pursues every day.