Coming Full-Circle—How You’re Helping Us Serve The Children Of Halabja Again!

It all started with a little boy named Aras.

Nearly seven years ago, we helped this boy travel from his hometown of Halabja to a team of doctors who saved his life.

Last week we came full circle, serving in Halabja once again. You enabled our partner doctors to screen over 50 children, document their defects and help parents and grandparents better understand their child’s need.

It is a beautiful thing to watch, when parents finally understand what their child needs. I’ve met more families than I can count who seemed afraid at how completely in the dark they were about their child’s needs—that lack of knowledge leaves room for anxiety and hopelessness.

But expert diagnosticians like Dr. Kirk and his team are shedding a hopeful light on these children. Once parents know what their child needs, they can get to work finding it.

And, with your help, we plan to make sure they find it. Help us return for more lifesaving Remedy Missions by giving below!