Conquering Heart Defects—One Birthday At A Time!

Birthdays give us a reason to love someone with extra intensity—to get a little mischievous, a little creative, and to practically shout at that person, “YOU MATTER!”

Your existence is worth celebrating.

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 As your birthday approaches, you have the chance to make sure that another child in Iraq lives to celebrate his or her next birthday. Join us and pledge your birthday to help raise money so that children like Ahmed, Kadeeja, and Yousef can receive the lifesaving heart surgery they need.

Here’s how to make it happen. Pledge your birthday to raise $280 and heal a child by providing him or her with a lifesaving heart patch. Pledge to raise $650 and you will fund an entire lifesaving heart surgery for an Iraqi child—from start to finish.

Make this birthday one you and an Iraqi child will always remember.

On behalf of all of us at Preemptive Love and thousands of children across Iraq, Happy Birthday!