Cross-Posted: “Human Rights Defender, Samira Abdulghani”

& Human Rights Defender: Samira Abdulghani

This week we’re remembering the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Fallujah. And, whatever feelings the name ‘Fallujah’ may stir in you, you have to admire the work of our friend and hero, Dr. Samira Al-Aani.

She has dedicated her life to serving Fallujah’s children and to bringing attention to their need. Take a minute to watch some of the speech she gave at The Carter Center last year. We’re honored to know her!”

There was no anger in Dr. Samira Abdulghani’s voice as she recounted her work as a pediatric specialist at General Hospital in Fallujah, Iraq. She was at a Carter Center forum of human rights defenders telling the story of “Iraq’s Hiroshima” and to ask for help. Her message: Nearly 1 in 7 babies born there have major birth and congenital heart defects, likely due to chemical weapons used during U.S.-led attacks beginning in 2004, and the community needs help. They need medical facilities and medicine; they need someone to take responsibility and to find a solution. Dr. al-Ani is the only doctor in Fallujah documenting the cases of congenital abnormalities. In one three-week period, she recorded 37 births with serious defects in her hospital alone.

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