Cross-Posted: The Escape from Tikrit

Indian nurses escaped from Tikrit

The hospital in which you helped save children like Israa and Kamar was bombed by ISIS militants early this month.

This article, which highlights the journey of 46 Indian nurses who were taken, held, and released by ISIS near the end of June, describes the damage done to a place we knew well during our first Remedy Mission to Tikrit last year.

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Thankfully, the Indian nurses pictured above are safe. The Iraqi children they left behind, however, are not.

It’s because of events like this—real effects of ISIS’s movement through the country—that we sent you our first-ever urgent appeal last week.

Now, we’re funneling our resources toward our highest impact program, which remains intact, so displaced children can still receive lifesaving heart surgery.

We haven’t given up on serving families in Tikrit—and we hope you don’t, either. The children in need of heart surgery from Saddam’s former hometown still have hope, and a future.

It only takes $250 to give a child surgery. Please give here today.

Photo Courtesy: Yahoo! News India