Why I’m Cutting My Salary to $0

I’ve cut my salary to $0.

The economy is scary. The virus is scary.

But I don’t want to stop serving. And I don’t want to lay off our 100+ staff around the world.

So before we retreat from the frontlines…

Before we cut emergency food and medicine

Before we kill our game-changing jobs platform and forfeit the future…

I’ve cut my pay to zero so no one else has to.

I know many of you’ve been hit hard, too. If I can be a friend right now, I’m here. Email me. We are in this together.

But if you’re doing OK: we need you.

Our refugee friends need you. Jess and I need you.

We don’t want to forfeit the future. We don’t want to sell off The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible just to survive. And this team we’ve built? We can’t lose them.

We are excellent in crisis.

We’re nimble.

And we can stretch a dollar.

We’re already responding to this crisis. We’re feeding quarantined refugees. We’re going village to village in Syria today, with lifesaving care for those on the frontlines of Idlib’s war.

This past weekend Jessica Courtney and Preemptive Love teammates distributed bags of food to quarantined refugee families. Photo by Erin Wilson/Preemptive Love

We’re creating jobs people can do anywhere—whether trapped at home by a pandemic, or forced from home by war.

Our refugee business owners are still making candles, soap, and knits to provide for their families. Farmers are still farming, bringing new life from soil that was scarred by conflict. Asylum seekers are still finding shelter and care.

We can be the hope-bringers in this moment. But we need you.

Please consider increasing your impact. If you give monthly, and you’re able to increase your donation, you will help secure the future for our refugee friends.

If you’re yet not a monthly donor, now is a great time to start. Even $5 a month will help us continue serving on the frontlines.

The light is still shining… and it’s us. Together.