ISIS Won’t Keep These Kids From School!

Young girls displaced by ISIS work on their homework after class.

“I will do whatever it takes to keep my children in school.” It was one of the first things Abeer said to us when we met in her small neighbourhood shop.

After we exchanged greetings and warm kisses on both cheeks, after we admired the tidy store shelves stacked neatly with tomato paste, beans, and other needed staples, we had the chance to ask Abeer why she applied for the Empowerment small business grant that allowed her to open this store.

Her answer was immediate: ”I will do whatever it takes to keep my children in school.”

Since being displaced, their home is small and simple.

Parents want to give their children a better life than they had. Being displaced only increases that desire. The moms and dads we meet learned the painful lesson that everything they worked so hard for–a family home and land, a business, and stability–can all be taken away by guns and bombs.

But there is one thing that can’t be taken: education. Parents know that giving their children an education empowers them to create a different, brighter future. Education gives their children options even after everything else has been stripped away.

For these displaced children, homework isn't a chore. It's a path to a better future.

Fadeela bakes bread in a Baghdad neighbourhood to support her family. She received the very first Empowerment grant and has worked hard to develop her business. There is a lot riding on her success.

“I settled here with 10 orphans… I hope these children find their way, that they are able to graduate.” Fadeela knows education is essential for the children in her care. School isn’t an afterthought, secondary, or something to pursue when life becomes stable again—education creates stability.

The math is simple for displaced children. Education = empowerment.

We have heard from many of you who are excited to partner with displaced families here in Iraq, to help them start their own businesses—to become self-sufficient again. We want to show you how far your dollars reach. 

Empowerment grants provide the funds needed for practical items like sewing supplies for seamstresses like Sikoot, wholesale groceries for Abeer, and flour for Fadeela. The profits from their businesses allow families to take care of their daily expenses and keep a roof over their heads and their earnings allow families to keep their children in school!

Your donations help provide much-needed emergency aid to families in crisis, but your donations also provide tangible solutions for families to make long-term change. 

Do you have a question about how we create longterm solutions with your donation? Email us!

A young girl looks up from her school book and smiles.