Don’t Wait to be a Peacemaker

You don’t need experience, expertise, or age to be a peacemaker. You don’t need to have all the answers.

The important thing is you take the first leap of action. That’s exactly what Ramsey did.

Ramsey, a 7-year-old girl in the US, educates herself on the issues. She first heard about the refugee crisis from Preemptive Love and read stories on NPR about refugees returning home without any food or infrastructure. Ramsey was so moved by what she saw, she knew she had to take action.

Farah with her buckets, waiting in line for food. Photo by Matthew Willingham / Preemptive Love Coalition.

Farah, a toddler in Syria, pushes her way past the crowds, gripping her buckets to be filled with hot meals. The youngest of four, Farah is no stranger to fending for herself or her family in this refugee camp outside Damascus. Her father was killed in the war, and she has a toughness about her after suffering the heartbreak of violence.

For Ramsey’s birthday, instead of gifts, she asked her family and friends to give food to displaced families like Farah’s in Syria.

Although she didn’t unwrap presents for herself, she provided 1,300 hot meals for families in Syria. Ramsey and her family are helping kids like Farah eat a hot, cooked meal every day—a lifeline after enduring so much devastation and loss.

Ramsey is standing with kids like herself in Syria. Although living very different lives, neither of these girls should be underestimated.

Farah is fierce and resilient. Farah, although young, is the future of her country. By ensuring she has the proper medical care and food to survive, Ramsey and others are setting her up to lead the next generation of peacemakers in Syria who rebuild their nation.

And Ramsey certainly has not let her youth stop her. Already, she recognizes the importance of stepping into a story greater than her own. She is choosing a love that is genuine and sacrificial—that advocates for the dignity of people she has never even met.

As news breaks of the potential humanitarian crisis in Idlib, the world needs more Ramseys and must stand with the Farahs. War is complex, and so is the solution, but the response is simple: to show up for humanity.

“Don’t be scared to help,” Ramsey said.

You don’t need influence, age, or power to act. When you see someone hurting, you help.

Show up with Ramsey and help her celebrate her birthday by uplifting Farah and other children whose lives have been devastated by war. Stand with this next generation of peacemakers in both the US and Syria by multiplying Ramsey’s efforts. Be the first in with food and medical care in Idlib and the last to leave in the coming years as Syria rebuilds.

Happy birthday, Ramsey!